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Rent Book: Tennant's Copy (A5) R041

  • £2.25

The tenant's copy of rent payment's made to the property's landlord or agent. 220 Records per book, that's enough for over 4 years worth of weekly payments! On each record you can record: Date Due, Amount Due, Date Paid , Amount Received, Account Balance, By Whom Received. The Address of the Premises and the Name of the tenant are recorded on the front cover. On the first page you can record: Rent Payable (exclusive of rates), Payment Frequency, Capital Value, Rates Payable for Premises, Rate Payable by Tenant (in addition of rent), Other Charges (with details), Date of Tennancy Commmencement. On the last page you can record Name, Address & Telephone Number for both the Landlord and Agent (If applicable). A5 Format Book

  • Tenant's Copy
  • 12 Pages
  • Size: A5 (210 x 148mm)
  • 220gsm Card Cover
  • Bigger book - double the size of the alternatives

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